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About Me

11 Mar

I love God… and HE made me QUIET for a reason that I am unsure of. I don’t question it but others sure do. Maybe it was to make me a great listener. After all we all have two ears and one mouth right? I am an introvert that likes to act like an extrovert at times. I internalize everything. When I am feeling stressed I clean, cook (and emotionally eat) and work-it-out. I have insomnia. I love coupons. I am creative. I dislike smoking, constant complaining and bad customer service. I have a cosmetology license and a MBA that took a lot of effort and student loans to get but I work a desk job that reflects none of the above. I love my Baltimore Ravens. I am a licensed Zumba instructor and would like open a bakery. I love my Sorors of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated. I like to read. I do not like peanut butter. Things that makes me happy… traveling, listening to music and dancing around – singing to myself or experimenting in the kitchen with some new recipes. Anything else you wanna know??

I just hope this blog allows me to share the things that make me happy!