Bikini Boot Camp

25 Mar

In addition to my donut pan that I recieved in the mail – I recieved this dvd!

Jeanette Jenkins / The Hollywood Trainer: Bikini Bootcamp

If you do not know who Jeanette Jenkins is, she is the Hollywood Trainer who works with celebrities such as Paula Patton, Tia Mowry, Kelly Rowland, Pink and the list goes on. You can check out her website here

I am a workout dvd junkie but lately I have been at a plateau and was searching for a dvd that would really work-me-out! So ok…wooo I am out of breath just thinking about the first time I tried this dvd. After a few days of being under the weather I was determined to work out – seriously -I was huffing and puffing after 20 minutes…dripping in sweat…I told myself that it must have been that I took a few days off from working out. Who I am kidding! This workout is no joke.

The great thing about this dvd is that it is broken down into sections – so if you are short on time or like to switch your routine up – there are lots of options. The dvd is 75 minutes in total.

Warm-up 5 minutes
Cardio Camp 28 minutes
Chisel Camp 25 minutes
Ab Camp 9 minutes
Stretch Camp 8 minutes

My progress…

1st try – Warm up, 1/2 of Cardio Camp, and Stretch

2nd try – Warm up, Cardio Camp (all of it, yay!) and Stretch

3rd try – I haven’t gotten here yet! I just got the dvd ya’ll!

I have two other of Ms. Jenkins dvds but I think I will stick with this one for a few weeks and see if my plateau lifts.  Pray for me:)


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